Strategic Project Management

We Provide to our valued customers a package of strategic project management services, including the provision of scientific plans for projects in addition to design their own reports and arrival to hand over the project to the owner in a scientific and bound ensure our valued customers the highest quality and profitability levels, and these services are:

1-Information Technology Project Management
The information technology of the most important departments in the emerging organizations, and the most important points that facilitate the work of the organization and there is a technical system that ensures keeping client's financial data and fundamentalism, we offer to the customer in this product management for projects Information Technology from the request for quotations service providers and the end of the work plan and manage the project until delivery to the customer integrated product, as are workers trained him to reach the highest levels of quality and cognition

2-Crisis management and rescue projects
Some organizations experiencing financial or administrative hampered or even organizational from government agencies legislator, we are in this product manages rescue project of the organization and functioning of the organization in accordance with the scientific spirit shorten the distances to the customer and saves his money and is in this product to provide an integrated plan to the Board of Directors include diverse solutions before you start Project execution

3- we are doing the business strategy of expansion and development to the customer plan, this plan includes the development of all internal policies and procedures in line with the development plan also we do a specific targets dates, to make it easier for the customer to supervise and review the plan and evaluate, as we draw to the customer the most accurate financial and administrative details in that strategy

4-Incorporation Project Management
We offer to the new entrepreneurs constituent plans for new projects, including the feasibility study, and plans for support and funding, in addition to the foundation's plans, marketing, and we put our valued customers the foundation stone for the practical success of the projects emerging
How to submit products
We Provide to the customer the option to be making recommendations based on the problems that exist to display, or make recommendations and to work on their application, while ensuring they are not repeated in the future, and there are some products cannot afford to be making recommendations only where they are to provide a full business plan to the customer include the analysis of the problem and plan application solutions provided for them

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