Human Resources consulting and the manpower development

Human resources are the heartbeat of each organization Whenever we can find stimulating work environment and organizational restructuring clear became the organization excels in commercial markets thanks to its human resources here we Provide our valued customers a range of services and consulting on the development of human resources, development and evaluation, as well as many of her support services, these services include:

1-Organizational and structural development
We analyze the organizational structure of the organization and to add the necessary adjustments to him and developed according to the requirements of the local market and the activity of the organization, and this includes the product package of support services to him and Which guarantees to our customer’s easy communication between departments and the consistency of the principal of each department to work.

2-Career Development:
In this product we analyze the weaknesses of the Organization staff
And writing the necessary recommendations to them About the training and qualification   We also provide coordination services with high-quality training institutes to provide the organization with the necessary courses to develop their employees We also coordinate special training courses in the event of customer desire to fix the weaknesses of its staff is dedicated
3-Job Evaluation and performance System
We are building a fully functional system of evaluation is inspired by the best of high-quality global scientific studies in this area, as we can supervise the job evaluation on a regular basis in the event of customer desire

4- classification, writing and planning jobs
We provide in this product classification of jobs and numbered in a scientific manner to make it easier for client budgets workforce on the strength of position, weight, classification, this product is also useful for the departments of employment at the company where every job we work requirements and wages loaded on them.

5- manpower budget
We work manpower budget the customer on an annual basis or for a period of five years, and if the customer desire we are building a special regime Workforce budget for one-time recommendations accompanying the customer to work it himself on an annual basis and in this case the Provide to the customer for free but only once a review of financial statements of the service after The work and submit a report includes errors.

6- Recruitment consultancy
We Provide to the customer an integrated system that includes recruitment procedures and the stages that the customer going through it we also offer special recommendations contracts with companies and employment agencies and plans appropriate the customer

7- Salary scale and benefits:
We provide in this product we analyzed the salaries and allowances of the staff and we do the necessary recommendations based on studies   Survey updated salaries

8- incentives and rewards and sanctions list:
We provide in this product a policy of incentives and rewards with the internal regulations of the sanctions by the Labor Code and in line with the company's administrative policies

9- Building plan and career path
We Provide to the customer a complete plan for career paths of employees in the company or institution staff The plan includes the functional advantages of training courses in addition to promotions and annual increments plan, and that are made after the study and analysis of the customer jobs and qualifications of Working on them

10-Management and building human resources system:
We study and analyze the human resources policy to the customer and make it in form of icons facilitate the work of the service provider for human resources A system (HRMS), and we also manage the project from the foundation until the client delivery of an integrated product that operates efficiently and in accordance with the internal policy of the customer.

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