Consulting and financial solutions

We Provide our valued customers a variety of financial and accounting consulting to ensure the financial stability of the organization and distribution of the financial burden in a scientific and correct way also we offer them financial disclosure growling and accounting errors in the financial statements Services, and this group of services oriented financial and accounting departments and the Department of internal audit and risk, and include the following services:

1- Financial consulting and financing
We Provide to the customer financing and financial consulting, according to the company's financial situation, and we review the financial statements and analysis in the event of the customer encounters any errors in those lists

2-Table of financial powers.
We are building for the fiscal powers and signing checks, according to the organization's financial and administrative status, and after analyzing the organizational structure for the customer, and make the necessary recommendations based on the powers of each department and in line with the course of the domestic market
3-Revisions to accounting statements
Provide for the customer a full audit of the financial and accounting statements and the creation of accounting errors and differences Monetary in it , after careful analysis and review of bank statements and accounting statements for the client, and make recommendations that ensure non-recurrence of such errors that cause much in the estimation of the expenses and revenues of the organization.

4- Internal audit consulting and construction of its policies
We Provide to the customer a complete system of internal audit and written policies to ensure that the internal audit departments of the highest levels of transparency and accuracy to review internal systems, after analyzing all the internal procedures for the customer and classified form to facilitate the work of competent review and audit departments review points.

5-Risk analysis and writing procedures and policies their own
we study and analysis of the risks surrounding the customer, the products include production lines in addition to the fiscal and financial risks and have done according to the best field studies of risks

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