Administration consulting

We offer to our customers a range of administration consulting and services
Which guarantees them the best quality and proficiency levels, This set of services targeted for purchasing departments, contract and legal affairs we offering to our customersthe following solutions:

1- Contracts and Procurement Consulting:
we analyze the obstacles that facing the Organization i n signing of contracts with suppliers and build a strategy to searching for the best suppliers and those who commensurate their conditions with the physical and structural organization possibilities also we provide a clear policy for operations procurement Containing the powers commensurate with the organizational structure of the organization

2- Legal counseling:
We provide to our customers a legal counseling in general consulting employers and workers and their pleadings to the workers' committee at the Ministry of labor laws.

3- writing employment contracts of all kinds legally.
We provide to our customers the best legal formulas to labor contracts with employees and consultants in order to get the maximum benefit from these contracts and the protection of moral and material rights of the company

4- Translation Services:
We provide to our customer’s translation services from both Arabic and English with competitive prices.

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